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Chapter 6: Miller’s

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Chapter 14: Canary Cottage

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Chapter 15: Blue Boar

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Chapter 16: Stebbins

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38 thoughts on “Bibliography

  1. Can’t wait to get a copy of the book. But can’t believe you didn’t include the old Bavarian Dine Inn which was in front of an old 50’s style motel on Dixie Highway in the PRP area. The place was quirky as all get outs but the German food was as good as it ever got in Louisville.


      1. We agree. We have a new book coming out soon with a story about the Normandy Inn, the Hearthstone Tavern, and the owner’s other life as a truck driver!


  2. seeking info on a chinese restaurant that had a place on the bottom floor of a condominiium complex called El Conquistidor in jefferson county and i think it was on Hikes Lane. The name ( I think) was “Henny Woo’s
    Thank you


    1. We’d not heard of that one, but the Courier-Journal archives show an ad for the apartments that reference “our Hennie Woo Restaurant.” So you’re obviously right!


  3. I’m trying to remember the name of a restaurant that was on Bardstown Road in the 50’s and 60’s. It was Katty corner across from the Brown Suburban. I think it was a one story white building that featured steaks and had the best onion rings. When the building was torn down, the chef (and maybe the restaurant name) moved into the brand new Holiday Inn that was built at Bardstown Road and Goldsmith Lane. Can you help, please!!!


    1. Do you mean the building that’s now called PNC Tower (that I think of as First National Tower)? The lower level place was called Cravings back in the 90s, I believe. But not sure what it was before that.


  4. Love this site. Trying to remember name and exact location of a neat ice cream shop in the highlands. It’s was hidden on the top of a knoll and you could see the skyline of Louisville. Any idea?


  5. There was a woman that owned a tiny shop Old Shelbyville Rd called Pie Oh My. She made the best pies! One in particular was the King Louis. It was outrageous!! Do you by chance know where this business moved to? I’d love to get my hands on that King Louis recipe!!


    1. Digging around the Courier-Journal archives (always fun and worth the monthly charge) shows that your memory is correct. There’s a 12/12/97 article by Sarah Fritschner about former dental hygienist Janet De Stefano’s shop. There’s even a photo of the King Louis Birthday Pie. But, sadly, no recipe.


  6. Do you know the name of the restaurant that was originally opened as an Asian restaurant that is now Red Lobster on the corner of Breckinridge and Dupont? Thank you.


  7. Looking for receipt of fish plate from Not Quite Cricket
    So good I did not want to eat it..then it would be gone!
    Poached fish with a clear sauce


  8. Does anyone remember getting frosty malts inside a department store in downtown Louisville in the 1950’s? It was from a small stand, not a restaurant in the dept store

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Slightly before our time, but Stewarts had a soda fountain/luncheonette in addition to the more formal dining room. Is it possible that’s what you’re remembering? Shopping was more fun back then, wasn’t it?


  9. I am looking for the Menu or owners of Mexican American Restaurant in the Highlands called Amigos III.

    IT had a delicious entree I ate there.


    1. Glenn Lapp was the owner of Amigos III from about 1983 to 1985 of the restaurant at 1573 Bardstown Road. We couldn’t find a menu, but a 1983 Leslie Ellis review in the Courier-Journal featured Mexican Pizza, a “quesorita” (described as “basically a burrito”), chimichangas and chile rellenos.


  10. This has been a fun read! I haven’t lived in Louisville in years but I grew up there and worked in a bunch of restaurants in high school and college. My first job was dishwasher at the Melrose Inn (I lived in Prospect at the time, and worked there in the late 70s). I also worked at Applegate’s Landing in Hurstbourne which some might remember, next to Ramada Inn.

    I was trying to remember the name of a well-known seafood restaurant on Shelbyville Rd., very near to the intersection of Hurstbourne Ln. It was just a few blocks from that intersection, going toward Middletown and it was on the right side of the road if you were heading that direction. They were famous for their seafood buffet if I remember correctly. I only ate there once as a teenager but can’t remember the name? Thanks


    1. We remember Applegate’s Landing (“the eating’s outstanding,” if we remember the jingle correctly). The restaurant you’re thinking of was most likely New Orleans East. It was opened in 1974 by Alderic Senecal, who first opened the New Orleans House on West Chestnut in 1972, then closed that location in 1989. There were also New Orleans House restaurants in Lexington and Indianapolis.


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